Rainbow Six Siege may soon receive a new operator to the theme of Splinter Cell, at least according to some rumor that emerged in these hours.

It all started from a post of the dataminer Zer0Bytes posted on Reddit, the code seems to reveal the operators in the inbox with the Year 5. The new operator is shown with Scout – ECH (Echelon/Third Echelon), this might suggest that the new recruit could come from the NSA, which is the same organization where he works Sam Fisher.

In the following text, we thought of the game designer Jean-Baptiste Halle to add to the burden of the dose:

“There are a lot of characters in the portfolio of Ubisoft that might fit on the roster. Keep an eye on the new operators that are coming out this year, you may find the subjects very interesting. This is all I can say at the moment.”

“Put yourself to the test with a new style of attacks that are characterized by a level of destruction and the use of gadgets without the previous.
From defender, coordinate your teammates to turn the environment into a fortress. Place traps, build fortifications, and create defensive systems to prevent the enemy from making inroads.
By assailant, guide the fellows in between narrow corridors, doors, barricades and reinforced walls. Combines the use of tactical maps, drones, reconnaissance, rampini and more to plan the attack and bring peace to every situation.” – it says in the description of the game.


Rainbow Six Siege is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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