Square Enix has announced that Kingdom Hearts Dark Road will not come out this spring as originally planned, the game has been postponed until further notice due to the current international situation.

The pandemic Coronavirus and the lockdown in progress in many countries do not allow you to complete the work within the time established and, therefore, the launch of the game has been postponed. The publisher apologizes for what happened and lets him know that the team will continue to work to publish Dark Road as soon as possible, new upgrades on the matter is scheduled for the beginning of June.

Surprisingly announced in January, Kingdom Hearts, Dark Road , which will allow players to discover more details on the dark past of Xehanort, the game will be available as add-on content for Kingdom Hearts Union of X and thus to play you will need to have installed the mobile app. Dark Road will present a gameplay based on “quick battles that require quick reflexes to get the better”, there are, however, elements and mechanical properties that are typical of collectible card games.

We can only wait to know when we will be able to download Kingdom Hearts Dark Road, you will probably have more details about the beginning of June.