A point-of-view events, this year is not really good for the video game industry, and for good reason : the coronavirus have prompted the organisers to cancel their event, the E3, Paris Games Week, passing by the gamescom. However, the latter will be under the sign of the 100% digital with three days of live shows are fully accessible online, without any physical presence necessary, and, of course, completely free of charge : go, therefore, from 27 to 30 August 2020, with the famous Opening Night Live, presented by Geoff Keighley, the first night. You should find ads of various firms that we hope to be crisp : on his side, it was noted that the presenter also held on the Summer Game Fest, standing on four months, and whose first step was the presentation of the Unreal Engine 5 on PS5. Finally, the summer may still be interesting.

gamescom 2020