The arrival of Goku Ultra Instinct in Dragon Ball FighterZ is imminent, but the FighterZ Pass 3 still has 3 characters to be revealed in the coming months. Let’s say the truth: we would like the support of the fighting game Arc System were to continue indefinitely, and that’s why we elected the 10 characters that we would absolutely like DLC.

GOKU the First Series

It is true: considering the character base, the version SS Blue, the normal one, Goku GT and the Ultra Instinct, and there are definitely too many variants of the protagonist at the moment. Each one of them, however, is characterized so perfectly, and most of all, different, and that’s why we would love to see how Arc System composed of the different the very first version of Son Goku, a child who trained on the Monte Mai.


Always from the first series we fish the first master of Kakarotto (or the second, if we consider his grandfather’s foster-Son Gohan). The “Genius of the Turtles”, as well as representing an addition of the comic nothing bad to the roster of FighterZ also has a fighting style unique and personalized, based on the martial arts the most noble and precise in the absolute. A Super 3 Level in which you would be pumping the muscles, then, it would be truly liquid gold.


From one line to another: the first villain of Dragon Ball GT, is, in our opinion, an added duty. DB FighterZ at the moment has in its roster Goku GT, and for the law of logic, we believe that at least one party to the bad to the Super Saiyan 4 is necessary. Imagine, then, a Conclusion, and a Dramatic fight, which eliminates Baby with a Kamehameha x10!


The speech is more or less the same for Baby: need a villain that is opposed to that of Goku GT , and, if a Baby was not considered, there is still the ultimate villain of the series GT to be available. However, a recent datamine Dragon Ball FighterZ would be targeted in this direction. Here, then, the Conclusion of any Dramatic would be required, with Goku that pulverizes the evil dragon with the Genkidama solution.


It will not be the strongest of the Saiyans – actually, among those that appeared in Toriyama’s work, and that we admired in combat is probably the weakest – but Raddish boasts a distinctive design and a pattern of attacks that are intriguing. And then, in a Dramatic Finish with Goku and Piccolo defeat him the brother of Kakarotto, and the consequent death of the protagonist, not would be nothing short of epic?


Long the leak vociferavano of a possible addition of Zarbon as DLC DB FighterZ. We believe that the character could be perfect if offered in a combo with Dodoria, at least to some pattern of attack. The style of Zarbon would be really perfect for the fighting game Arc System: in view of its ability to transform itself, and to temporarily increase your strength level, it would off a character technical and layered. Also here, a Super level 3 that turns into a monster, or even a Conclusion in which he loses his life at the hands of Vegeta (scouter) would be the icing on the cake.


Also in this case it would be of the nth duplicate of Vegeta. This version of the evil prince of the saiyans, however, could give life to a character all the more violent and brutal than he is already the father of Trunks, and enrich it with finishing moves inspired by the pages of the most dramatic and moving of Toriyama’s manga: those of the moving sacrifice of the prince, after having confessed his feelings to the son, decided to sacrifice himself against Buu for the sake of his loved ones.


In the roster of the FighterZ is already present in the fat Buu , and his version of the most evil, Kid Buu. Yet, the variation is perhaps the most iconic (or at least one of the most representative) is agile and slender and Super Buu. We would very much like to play as the version of the pink demon more powerful than ever, that both in his “base form” (when it absorbs the fat Buu confronts Gotenks) or after the absorption of Gohan.


The villain of Dragon Ball Z: The threat of the evil demon would give life to a character with a powerful and spectacular, with a style characterized by the sockets and balls of green energy (a bit on the style of Broly). A duel against Gohan, with much of the Conclusion is Dramatic in which the young saiyan sweeps away the opponent that is supported by the spirit of his father, he could be one of the most spectacular of Dragon Ball FighterZ.

TOPPO (and the Pride Troopers)

Let’s say the truth: the Pride Troopers remind a lot of the Ginyu force, and it is for this reason that a similar character (that is, embracing all the members of the team) would be nothing short of fantastic. The “base” would be obviously Too, the leader of the group: with its combo base would give life to his main attacks, while in more advanced stages of the combat system could call in the support of his companions. Its Super, of course, it would turn into full power, the same that earned him the nomination to the new God of Destruction of Universe 10, and a Conclusion Dramatic he is beaten by Vegeta, with a little transformation in the SS Blue Evolution on the part of the prince), would of course be welcome.