Fans of the series Nintendo will know definitely the musician-errant that populate the universe of Animal Crossing, wowing with his guitar and the days of the inhabitants of this digital world.

Recently K. K. Slider is joined to the Queen, to Lady Gaga and many other stars of the international music scene: players are, in fact, have fun creating versions of famous music albums that see themselves as the protagonist, the white pet is anthropomorphic. Now, K. K. Slider , you earn further notoriety within the universe of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, thanks to this interesting initiative put into practice by a player.

Directly from the pages of Reddit, the user “palladiumring1” has, in fact, shared the creation of a stand of merchandising dedicated to the artist. Held in conjunction with the concerts held by the K. K. Slider within the game for the Nintendo Switch, the latter sells t-shirts, hats and other creations dedicated to the musician! To create it, the user has used some of the creations made by himself and other masses available for the rest of the community. Directly at the bottom of this news you can view a preview image: what do you think?

In the meantime, continue the construction of the tourists of the islands of New Horizons, with players who have rebuilt the world of Pokémon Gold and Silver in Animal Crossing.