The former director of Microsoft and co-founder of the Xbox, J Allard, has signed a contract with the Intellivision Entertainment to fill the role of chief executive officer-global, as announced by the company yesterday. Allard will help Intellivision with the launch of its new console, my Friend, scheduled for the month of October.

“We are excited to add a legend in the industry so extraordinary to our team,” said the CEO of Intellivision, Tommy Tallarico in a press release. “The experience of J, the shared vision and leadership in the field of technology and video game visionary will further reinforce the executive leadership team of Intellivision.”

Allard has co-founded the group the Xbox in 1998 and helped launch the first Microsoft console in 2001. Developed line of business, Xbox focusing on Xbox Live, by helping Microsoft to become a true competitor to Sony and Nintendo, which had previously dominated the space console. Allard left Microsoft in 2010.


“I grew up with Intellivision, I grew up playing with my family and my friends,” said Allard. “Playing together is a timeless concept that I believe that the video games industry has largely forgotten. The team of Intellivision is deeply committed to bring games sharing fun and affordable for all”.

Friend is currently available for pre-order on Fig.

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Source: Polygon.