The crisis of the sars coronavirus is both a godsend and a real curse for the middle of the video game. On the one hand, players in confinement who have not had as much time to work on their favorite activity, resulting in dating records and a maximization of profits to the delight of some of the studios. On the other hand, developers in an effort to lead their projects, but decidedly hampered by a telework unusual, not to mention a logistical headache unprecedented. PlatinumGames is definitely in the latter category, as explained in a press release its CEO Kenichi Sato.

According to the officer, the confinement leads to its teams’experience is completely new, which generates stress” : in the face of the unknown, the firm declares to have difficulty in renewing its methods of work, usually based upon “the communication between the different services”. Most of us have never had to develop a game while working remotely,” said the Japanese, who testifies, however, a certain optimism, ensuring that the current situation allows to use new methods of creation and evolution. In addition, Sato-San confirms that PlatinumGames has always the same will to excel and in it, and is believed to be without harm.

Unfortunately, these problems depending on the coronavirus have a direct impact on another project size : the opening of the second studio in Tokyo. Historically based in Osaka, the company announced, recently, the arrival of a second branch in the japanese capital to expand its membership and its activities. The company is waiting so patiently that the local epidemic calms down in order to be able to invest in brand new premises, already ready to use. It is hoped of course that the organization will return quickly and securely. For example, in order to give news of Bayonneta 3.