The higher-ups in Nintendo’s surprise the user of the Switch, announcing Paper Mario The Origami King, the new chapter in the exciting adventure spin-off of Super Mario which will arrive in July on the console, a hybrid of the house of Kyoto.

The title promises to offer a fun experience full of puzzles to solve, battles of strategic sectors of things and curious locations to explore. As we can see by looking at the video of the announcement of Paper Mario The Origami King, the reason that will push Mario to face one of its biggest challenges will be represented by the plan hatched by the King Olly to bend the world to his will after he self-proclaimed the undisputed ruler of the Kingdom of the Origami.

From the point of view of the dynamics of the game, the threat of the King, Olly will force the mustached plumber for the Big N to embrace strategies new and to learn skills original as that of the “Arts magni” which will allow you to interact with the environment. With The Origami King will debut a new turn-based battle system that is based on a platform ring in which users will have to find a way to align the enemies to maximize the damage. There will also be all those mysteries and those original mini-games that have always distinguished this series.

The release of Paper Mario The Origami King is scheduled for July 17, 2020 exclusively on Nintendo Switch and, of course, Nintendo Switch Lite.