NVIDIA announces a collaboration with a series of creators to give life to new worlds in the Beta for Windows 10 Minecraft RTX, already available for all players.

Hilltop Lifestyle RTX, Egg Hunt, Medieval RTX, The Dark Village, the RTX and The Observer RTX are the new experiences available on Minecraft in Ray Tracing, carried out in collaboration with content creators as PearlescentMoon, Feed The Beast and Aurelien_Sama.

Hilltop Lifestyle RTX PearlescentMoon

A spawn of survival set in a new map that uses many of the concepts, the progress and the features demonstrated in the previous version. In this new world it will be possible to explore the island’s Hilltop Lifestyle and learn to live far from land in the village in an Italian style.

Egg Hunt Feed The Beast

Egg Hunt is set in a mysterious cave, full of puzzles, traps, secrets and fun challenges, how to find hidden eggs.

Medieval RTX Aurelien_Sama

The other spawn of survival in an idyllic medieval village set below an ancient ruin, with the rays of the sun god that shines through the city.

The Dark Village RTX Wyld

A survival map set in an abandoned village that lies nestled in the forest, where their ruins remain forgotten by time. In this village you will find the kingdom of the horrors hidden.

The Observer RTX IamSp00n

The Observer RTX is a world that begins in the subsoil, the player explores the new world, discovering the mysteries of the cave in which she finds herself stuck.

Minecraft RTX is available in Beta on Windows 10, in anticipation of the launch of the final version of the game already supports Ray Tracing in 4K and 60 fps, the new worlds announced today are available for all owners of the Beta version.