Processors Intel Comet Lake-S , even before the announcement was called a very voracious. And this appeared the first confirmation. It is reported that the enthusiast have tested Core i9-10900K, which was really hot.
The average temperature of the CPU during the test was 87°C With a peak at 93°C. we used a 240-mm liquid cooling system AIO. As used IN tests AIDA64.
As a result, the processor has reached a frequency of 4.77 GHz on all cores, and this figure was maintained throughout the 48-minute run. Note that the frequency can be increased, but to run a function the Thermal Velocity Boost required temperature of 70°C.
Thus, by buying this CPU is to attend to the high quality cooling system. On sale Core i9-10900K received may 20, with regard to less powerful processors, the data about their output yet.
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