This afternoon, surprise, Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced that on Thursday, 14 may at 22:00 will broadcast a new episode PlayStation State of Play dedicated to the Ghost of Tsushima, the open world of Sucker Punch that is expected for the next 17 July.

During the transmission will get 18 minutes of gameplay, more than enough to satisfy the curiosity of the players, which at this time are anxiously awaiting even more news, namely those on the PlayStation 5.

Despite being announced long ago, Sony has not yet shown its next-generation console. Of course, we know the technical specifications of PS5, and we also had the opportunity to see the new controller DualSense, but the appearance of the console , the launch date and price are still unknown. Unfortunately we will have to continue to be patient. Sony has already made it clear that during the PlayStation State of Play of Thursday, may 14, will not share new information on the PS5. The show will be entirely dedicated to the promising action-adventure Sucker Punch, which will take us to the island of Tsushima in the role of the “ghost” Jin Sakai during the first mongol invasion of Japan.

The japanese giant, evidently, intends to dedicate to the PlayStation 5 an exclusive event, even if at the moment is still without an official date. The rumor is more recent, in any case, speak of a State of Play for PS5, set for June 4…