While we are waiting to discover the first details on the sixth chapter of the saga of Grand Theft Auto, let’s take a look at the mod that improve exponentially with the graphics of GTA 4 and GTA 5 to offer us a appetizer of what awaits us with the advent of the next console generation.

As has been the case in recent days with the video of the mod GTA 5 that recreates GTA 4 in Ray Tracing, the fans of the series to the open world Rockstar Games are trying to dissolve the tension for theannouncement of GTA 6 , giving life to spectacular mod graphics.

The rugged scene of the programmers and developers of amateur and has already given proof of their capacity by churning out projects fan made that distort the appearance of GTA 5 to incorporate, for example, the polygon models of car, famous, characters from other universes videogame or film (as the mod of Iron Man from Avengers Endgame) or reinterpretations of current-gen scenarios and environments from chapters past series of the Great R.

If, on the one hand, we are witnessing the publication of projects and commemorative and graphic experiments like the one involving Ray Tracing of the tool ReShade, on the other hand, there is the incredible originality demonstrated by those who, drawing from the mod, it engages in the RolePlay of GTA 5 to maximize their gaming experience. We discuss it in our new video discussion on the indissoluble bond between GTA and modders, with some considerations on the future of the epic free-roaming Rockstar waiting for the reveal of GTA 6.