With the current times that we’re facing today, it’s not hard to notice the amount of extra time that we have now every day compared to how things were. So, why not make the best use of this downtime and reconnect with your friends over a good game? So here’s a list of games you want to try out with your best mates at home! 

PUBG Mobile

You’ve been hearing a lot of this battle royale genre but never really gotten into and you feel like your current gaming rig is probably not up to the task of providing you adequate gaming experience. PUBG Mobiles solves those 2 problems by being a mobile game and being one of the first battle royale game released. PUBG Mobile is simple, land in a random part of the map with friends, collect loot scattered in the map, arm yourself to the teeth, and take out the competition. There’s no better way to summarize what entails for this game. The awesome time you’re going to have with your friends playing this game is going to be a priceless experience. Don’t forget that the game is free, but if you feel like you want to one-up your competition with style, you can get PUBG Mobile UC currency to purchase exclusive skins and loot. Win in style! 

The Forest

If you want to jump straight into peril, then you’re going to need a good survival title. You and your friend crash-landed into a seemingly empty island where you coordinate into building shelter and figuring out how to get essentials to survive. You’ll soon discover that you’re not alone on the island and several tribes of cannibalistic mutants lurk in between trees. Slowly, they’ll get bolder and start approaching your camp as you change the landscape around you to forage important material. Prepare your defenses and get ready to fight in the dark alongside your friends. 

COD: Warzone

If you’re more into shorter gameplay that revolves around FPS, then Call Of Duty: Warzone is for you. Recently released as part of the battle royale genre, COD Warzone knows how to make a shooting game, and it only made sense for them to make one catered towards the battle royale genre. It features weaponry and tools that closely mimic those in real life, so if you’re into that, you’ll be happy to know that every bullet sound from different guns is unique and every vehicle you hear in the game simulated based on reality. Enjoy various modes of battle royale as well as plunder, where you and your mates try to collect as much money as you can in the set time. What’s more, it’s free! And on some days, you get free weekend access to its multiplayer feature. 

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Maybe you want something more chill and relaxing. Maybe you want to do some farming and socialize with other players along the way. You can’t go wrong with Animal Crossing. The Switch Lite console has increased in popularity recently due to recent global events and Animal Crossing has seen raving reviews. You start the game with virtually nothing and you collect resources and take a loan out, and slowly build up your virtual life. You can visit your friends and go to their island to harvest, as well as attend any social events that take place around the game. You can get the official game on Nintendo’s official website, but you’ll need to purchase Nintendo eShop cards to make purchases on their site. 

So, grab those games and start reconnecting with your online pals. Or if you never played video games and would like to have a good time in the safety of your home, then check out the games on the list and we promise you’ll have a great time with your friends!