In looking forward to attend the launch of the series on Netflix about the Overlook Hotel, the two players Dreams they wanted to recreate the hotel’s haunted, which inspired the novel the Shining by Stephen King and was the background of the odyssey’s horror film of the same name by Stanley Kubrick.

The authors of this amazing work are well-known users as Quorra__ISO and dave138: the two lovers of Dreams, and deeds of horror, they have drawn to scenes of cult films of Kubrick to rebuild almost all of the environments, the most famous of the Overlook Hotel.

From the central hall to the offices of the creepy hotel in Colorado, the video game version of the Overlook also offers the unmistakable (and terrifying) references to the novel and to the film of the Shining with the presence, for example, of the corridor with the two gemelline (and the tricycle Danny), the room managed by the spectrum of the barman , and by the ghost of woman who haunts the Room 237. The level in question can be freely explored (with a view strictly first-person “gifts” the shot steadicam) and it allows access to areas just as iconic of the hotel as the maze.

To access to the reconstruction of the hotel of the Shining, just follow the directions provided by the link to the site inDreams that you can find at the bottom of the news, but not before watching the video demonstration of the proposed to witness the amazing quality of this amateur draft given to the light with the versatile editor of Dreams.