In April, the company Gaijin Entertainment has allowed all fans of military shooters to freely experience the future company officer action Enlisted. Then in an open test took part more than 45 thousand players. And now the creators of the game want to repeat.
Another public playtest timed to the 75th anniversary of the Victory. Players squad multiplayer shooter will arrive at a new map and will take part in the “Battle for Berlin”. They are waiting for the storming of the Reich Chancellery and the capture of the bunker of the Fuhrer.
“Battle for Berlin” is the third game mode is “Assault”. In the course of this confrontation the attacker trying to seize territory, while holding down the key points, and the defenders try to stop them.
In contrast to the already familiar “Battle for Moscow” new script opens access to new types of weapons: submachine guns PPS-42 and PPS-43, the guns of RD-44 automatic rifle, the StG 44 and MP 43/1. On the streets of Berlin you can ride on the T-34-85 and is-2 and Panther G and Tiger II.
Studio Darkflow Software in the first pleytesta improved artificial intelligence of the soldiers in the unit, the corrected image processing and improved the efficiency of the rifles. Work on the game continues.
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