It seems that the collaboration between Ubisoft and Twitch for the arrival of exclusive content themed Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege on the streaming platform is far from completed. The pages of the First Loot was in fact updated with another wave of sets that subscribers can redeem free of charge in the course of the next few weeks.

For the entire month of may and the first days of June it will be possible to add to your collection of shooter Ubisoft a uniform, a hat, a camouflage for the assault rifle, and a pendant for Zofia , thanks to the Set Byte. In order to redeem the content you must first make the connection between your account and the profile Twitch First by following the instructions on the official page of the promotion. Alternatively, by clicking on the button “Redeem now” at the banner of Zofia, you will automatically open a page through which to make the connection. Instead, if you have already completed this step, the pressure of the key will match the contents to your profile Uplay and you can start using it at the next start of the game.

Here is the calendar of the outputs of the next content Twitch Materials of the R6 Siege:

  • From may 4 to June 3: Set Byte Zofia
  • From June 4 to July 3: Set Byte Lesion
  • From 4 July to 3 August: Set Byte Ying

Please note that is from a few days available, the new event for Rainbow Six Siege, which takes the name of The Grand Larceny.