Since when were presented the technical specifications for the PS5 and Xbox Series X, there are plenty of not do is discuss graphics power of the two next-generation console.

From this point of view, Microsoft’s proposal has the advantage. Xbox Series X offer 12 TFLOPs of power, against 10,28 Teraflops of PlayStation 5. But it’s really the only thing that matters? According to Johannes Kuhlmann, Head of Core Technologies at FishLabs, the studio and during the Inside Xbox yesterday presented Chorus, no: the advantage in terms of TFLOPs, alone, is not very important.

The Chorus is in development for both next-generation console (as well as Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and Google Staff), therefore, Fishlabs has already acquired a bit of experience with future hardware. In addition to raw power, there are other factors to consider to evaluate the real efficacy of a console: “What I’ve always noticed at the beginning of each generation, is that first you need to learn how to handle the hardware, manage software and figure out how to put them to good use. If you have a difference in terms of TFLOPs, but you well as an operating system or a firmware that does not allow you to exploit it, then you will not do anything. There is absolutely so much more to discuss. Very much depends on how you use the hardware and software”.

Similar words had also spent Marc-André Jutras, Technical Director of Hellpoint: he also believed that speaking only of TFLOP was limiting, and that the long-term success of a console also depends on many other factors.