Based on the data confirmed by Nintendo during the last meeting with shareholders, David Gibson, analyst and co-founder of the japanese company Astri Advisory, wanted to express his opinion on the possible timing of the launch of the Nintendo Switch Pro, the model “nextgen” of the console Switch.

The well-known analyst who, in the past, he predicted an alliance between Nintendo and Microsoft for the cloud gaming is also linked to the excellent result of the Switch, and Animal Crossing New Horizons, outlined in the last financial report of the house of Super Mario to indicate what, in its opinion, may be the period most likely for the launch of the Nintendo Switch 2 or a Pro model.

In commenting on the statements made by the leaders of Nintendo, Gibson states that “there are barely half of the life-cycle of the Switch, there is no change from this point of view”: in this way, the analyst Astri Advisory denies the latest rumor related to the announcement of the impending new model of Switch crossed in the network after the discovery of the addition, in the update of April to the firmware Switch, to support a model that is not yet unveiled.

To listen to David Gibson, then, the presentation of the console that’s going to happen to the Switch will wait until at least 2023 and possibly beyond, especially considering the sales that are generated from the current hybrid platform the house of Kyoto and its games of tip, with an attractive and increasingly exerted on publishers and developers.