Yesterday was the announcement of the role dabloida in the setting of cyberpunk The Ascent. The game runs a Swedish Studio Neon Giant, this is her first major independent project. And the publication does Curve Digital.
The action of the Ascent takes place in the futuristic city of Veles, who until recently owned a powerful Corporation Ascent Group. But suddenly it stopped working, and now established system unraveling, and the mercenary corporations are left to themselves.
Players have the role of one of the cogs of the corporate machine, which was now without support in conditions when intensified competitors Ascent Group, and the turmoil of trying to take advantage of criminal groups. The heroes have to survive and find their place in a changing world.
The portal IGN has published 12 minutes of direct gameplay from the early alpha version of the game. The Ascent is planning to release this year, and as platforms named PC and Xbox Series X.
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