We know a little more about Fall Guy, the next game absolutely distinct from the catalog, always felt of Devolver Digital. In fact, the title will be able to benefit from a public beta that will allow him to make themselves known to as many people as possible. Because obviously, with a concept like this (inherited a bit of the games to the Takeshi”s Castle), the more the merrier and the more we laughed, the game can accommodate up to 60 competitors simultaneously online. It is still the case that if you want to participate in this game session to several, simply get on the official web-site, very colorful and full of useful info. In addition to this good news, the developers are not coming with empty hands, since a new trailer, you can better understand what awaits you in this party game where one leads to the kinds of creatures in the form of eggs päques well flexible, that you can obviously completely customize.

The game’s release is set for this summer on PC and PS4. You know everything, you can go and read another news useful in the columns of JEUXACTU.