After omplimentato with Phil Spencer for the event on Inside Xbox, the director of God of War, Cory Barlog, commented in a rather “colorful” video presentation of Bright Memory Infinite on the Xbox Series X.

The volcanic personality of Sony Santa Monica is linked to the video and admired during the event, digital, Microsoft, and focusing on the reveal in sauce nextgen of Bright Memory Infinite, said he was extremely impressed with the fact that all of this has been developed by a single author, the chinese designer Zeng Xiancheng.

From the pages of his Twitter profile official, the father of the God of War has explained that “only One person has done all this. A. I am the son of pu**to the most lazy of the planet. (Sigh) (I retreat)”. The cute message shared on social to Barlog makes about the incredible work done by Xiancheng with the project of the Bright Memory to the limits of photorealism.

In the past few months, the developer himself is a chinese, he wanted to give proof of their ability (and of course the goodness of his title) through a series of updates to the current version of Early Access of Bright Memory that have implemented the Ray Tracing, technology, real-time lighting that may be adopted also in the console environment with the advent at the end of 2020 PS5 and Xbox Series X.