It is now known that major spoiler about the plot of The Last of Us Part 2 are finished in the network due to a hacker, who has stolen sensitive material to the developer and he calmly put it online, ruining the surprise to many players. To prevent a worsening of the situation,

Are always more numerous, in fact, the jokers that they are having fun to post images and messages on social under any post referring to the world of PlayStation, so to make the spoiler visible to players who are quietly reading the YouTube comments, Twitter, Facebook or other portals of this type. A situation of this type has thus forced the giant japanese to take a drastic decision: to disable the comments below the trailer on YouTube. Of course, in this way, the fan may not be able to express their joy in the see again Joel and Ellie, but in this way, it will be impossible for the more mischievous to do so that someone can ruin the game in about a month from its arrival in the shops.

In addition to invite you to take a look at the last spectacular story trailer The Last of Us Part 2, available also in Italian version, please note that the exclusive PS4 has officially entered into phase gold.