Many of you are playing Animal Crossing New Horizons, we have made sure the case… or maybe not: have you ever noticed that K. K. Slider is the only character in the naked that appears in the game?

The community is starting to wonder why the musician is not wearing any kind of clothing, but without reaching a response very precise. It is true that in the past K. K. Slider has worn t-shirts and hats (for example in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp), however, in New Horizons performs completely naked, “dressed” only by the guitar.

K. K. is a free spirit, as is well known, and this might have something to do with the decision to represent him naked, in fact it is a character free from any kind of constraint and able to go beyond the rules of the world of Animal Crossing. Do not miss the hypothesis of those who think that K. K. is now a star of the international level and, as such, entitled to do what she wants, even playing naked, if necessary.

K. K. Slider as Lady Gaga? Not exactly a heresy if we think that the character has been used as the face to re-interpret the album covers of artists such as Queen, Nirava, and the same Lady Gaga.