Arrived at Chapter 3 of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, it will be possible for you to begin to explore the first area of the game and accept a handful of side quests. Between the missions in question, there is also the request of the little Betty, a girl in search of some of the cats disappeared.

After accepting the quest Friends Disappeared talking with the girl, you have to do is go around the map looking for three different cats. If you do not want to discover themselves, their position (very easy to perceive by intuition because of the meows you can hear when they are nearby), here is the location of each of them:

  • The first cat you can find right in front of the entrance to the Seventh Heaven, the local in which works Cheer
  • The second cat, you can find continuing to the left after leaving the Seventh heaven: the animal is located at the first junction
  • To find the last cat we must, instead, reach the area between the shop and the apartment of the Cloud: you’ll notice on the map a green light. Talk with the woman, who will talk about the cat, and cross the small passage to find the feline

Once you have met all three of the little animals, you will need to return to Betty to receive the reward and complete the mission.

Please note that completing this side quest, it is essential to receive one of three outfits to Tifa in Final Fantasy 7 Remake.