The developers of The Sinking City almost a year after the release finally spoke about the success of the project.
It turns out that the detective became the most successful release in the history of Frogwares, beating the sales of any of the parts of the “Sherlock Holmes” over the same period. Moreover, even after nearly a year of sales remain quite high.
Unfortunately, the Ukrainian developers can’t talk about the copies of the project and reveal details of the deal with Epic Games, which turned out to be decisive for the company.
The deal with Epic Games has allowed our Studio to continue to do what you love — niche detective games. However, it also contributed to the preparation for the future.
Sergei Oganesyan, community Manager
While the company does not know how to grow sales of the Sinking City after Steam — this, according to Hovhannisyan, depends on players.
The next game the Studio will become something familiar. It is understandable, it is unlikely that developers will move away from the niche scene detectives. However, it will be the sequel to The Sinking City, the new “Sherlock Holmes” or something else — time will tell.
The Sinking City was released in the end of June 2019 on PS4, Xbox One and PC (Epic Games Store). Several months later, she got up to Nintendo Switch. In late June, the release of the project is expected in the Steam.
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