Although the video game is the one of the media least affected by the epidemic of COVID-19, which strikes the world, some titles are victims of the collateral damage related to the health crisis. This is the case of New World, which is none other than the great MMORPG that prepares Amazon Game Studios on the side of Irvine, the city where are based the developers. The end date may 2020 was unveiled at the ceremony of the Game Awards last December, but the publisher would prefer to play the security card by shifting the output of a few months. New World is now expected on the 20th of August next, at which date it is hoped that Mankind will be the output of this quarantine overall. It has been stated that the developers will take this opportunity to refine the game :

We would like to thank our players alpha for their help in improving this game. The alpha release will remain available to enable us to continue to test and refine the game experience. We will continue to share details on the features and content of the game by its release on August 25. We hope you enjoy our new article on invasions and you we will follow on the social networks, where we will post other news. We hope that you and yours are well. See you very soon.

There is more than to take his evil in patience, there is finally only 4 months to wait still. In all cases, we have noted the new date of 25 August 2020.

New World