If we already knew that the popularity of The Witcher 3 was at the highest, the latest figures published by CD Projekt in the context of the publication of its quarterly results – recall that the game made office successful history with the studio Polish. In fact, he shared a chart which shows that in 2019, the title has sold over 6.6 million copies in the world ; since its release in 2015 ($9 million), which is never The Witcher 3 had not made as well.

If we look a little closer on the sales made by machine, the PC is about $ 12.4 million copies, PS4 10.8 million, the Xbox One 4.3 million, and the Nintendo Switch 700 000. For the console hybrid with Kyoto, given that the game has been out for almost five years, and that the machine is significantly less powerful than its rivals, we can speak of a pretty performance. In total, The Witcher 3 has sold over 28 million copies throughout the planet. Respect.

The Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt