On Tuesday, Nintendo said that all systems on the Switch, including the console Lite, will not be shipped in Japan this week, except for reservations.

Not been provided a date for when it will resume distribution. Shipments to the United States and Europe will continue normally.

Nintendo is not “able to keep up with the growing demand” because of problems in the supply chain caused by the pandemic Coronavirus, says Nikkei.

In China and Vietnam, where it is produced the Switch, the operations in the factories but they still would not back up to full speed.

The demand for Nintendo Switch has grown a lot in the last month, because countries around the world must isolate their citizens to avoid contagion from COVID-19.

In Japan the console has registered a significant jump in sales, helped by the launch of a record of Animal Crossing: New Horizons.


In the week of the launch of Animal Crossing (ends 22 march) were sold approximately 392,000 funding the Nintendo console Switch, the week of sales most great for the platform in Japan, which was even larger than at its launch (330k).

Almost 850,000 of the console of the family, the Switches were sold in the region between 24 February and 29 march, bringing accumulated sales to over 13 million units.

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Source: VGC.