The confinement pushes the actors of the video game industry to multiply quotations, or to advance some. This is the case for Google’s announcement that, contrary to the initial plan, the free version of Stadia is operational as of now. “From today [yesterday, editor’s note], and gradually over the next 48 hours, all the fans of video games will have free access to the Stadia, in the 14 countries where Stadia Pro is available,” one can read in the press release. And a good news never comes alone, one also learns that the formula Pro, usually charged€ 9.99 per month, is available for the next 60 days.

At the present time, the games contained in the offer Pro are nine in number : SteamWorld Quest : Hand of Gilgamech, Destiny 2 : The Collection, Serious Sam Collection, GRID, Spitlings, Thumper, Stacks on Stacks (On Stacks), Gylt, and SteamWorld Dig 2. Naturally, those who already have a Pro subscription will not be charged during the duration of the operation, and it is well indicated that the securities purchased on the boutique Stadia will remain in the library of the user, even if the latter decides not to extend the experience beyond the two months for free. Note that we should think of the unsubscribe (no commitment), in order not to be charged automatically the following month.

“To further reduce the load on the networks, we develop a momentary function that lowers the default resolution of the screen from 4K to 1080p”, said Google, given that the confinement leads to a consequent increase connections. Those who own a 4K display will not be able to take advantage of the better resolution as permitted typically the offers Pro. Finally, we should note that after being registered to this address, Stadia is accessible from a PC, a laptop or a Mac (via Chrome), not to mention Android and iOS.