Sony is slowly revealing its PS5 , and, finally, provided us with the first look at the DualSense, the controller of the next-gen consoles. The company has also revealed the specifications of the machine but, until now, has not shown the final look of the new PlayStation.

Many are wondering what will be the “look” of the PS5 and while Microsoft has now unveiled the Xbox Series X, as far as the console of Sony, we have to “settle” some of the concepts that appear in the network.

The last seen online are two concept design inspired by the new DualSense.

In the first picture, we can see a console from a form “close” to the classic PlayStation with a front LED blue, and a form of “rounded” on the front. The second image is clearly inspired by the Xbox Series X, with a white coloration and black that is reminiscent of the DualSense.

Today’s #PS5 Dark Concept

— Idle Sloth ?????1??2??? (@IdleSloth1984) April 8, 2020

#PS5 Newest Concept

— Idle Sloth ?????1??2??? (@IdleSloth1984) April 8, 2020


Of course, in the case of two design concept, the final appearance of the PS5 will most likely be different than these images. All that remains is to wait for the future reveal, to discover what will be the final look of the console.

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Source: Twitter.