Ready or Not, the shooter hardcore tactical first-person development at the VOID Interactive, is coming to PC. At the moment it is in course an Alpha test for the backer of the game, while the Beta is expected by June 2020, when the game should be released on Steam in early access. Then, if all goes as planned, we expect a full launch in the fourth quarter of 2020.

VOID Interactive had previously confirmed to be interested in porting console “Ready or Not”. In fact, the chief executive officer Julio Rodriguez, in an interview with Official PlayStation Magazine (may 2020, number 174), commented on the upcoming launch of the new console generation to Sony, the PlayStation 5.

“The specifications will enable a wider range of games to approach the console market. Could make that PS5 is on par with the build PC of “Ready or Not” from the point of view of the graphics and the framerate, that excites us”.

“Our game design, we want to work in an excellent way on the PS5. Currently we are aiming at over 80 frames per second on devices mid-range”.


As you can see for yourself on the Steam store page of the game, the system requirements of “Ready or Not” on a PC are not so challenging. This could also be one of the first games for the PS5 to bid beyond the 60 frames per second (the console should support up to 120fps).

Rodriguez has also said that the tactile feedback integrated into the new controller to PS5, DualSense, could significantly improve the stages of shooting

“It can give an extra dimension to the photo shoot or when you are hit”.

Finally, the developer of “Ready or Not” has shared his opinion on two of the features most discussed PS5: the SSD and the raytracing.

“The loading times were never a problem for us, but the games have traditionally been rather slow to load on the console”, a comment that suggests how the SSD PS5 will be able to change the situation in the future. “Also, the Raytracing will be a big boost,” adds the developer, which mentions NVIDIA as one of the main protagonists of the sector engaged in this technology.

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Source: Wccftech.