Recently, the community of Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield ah, discovered an exploit that allows you to disconnect from a competitive match just before to be defeated.

An attitude that is not, however, gone unnoticed by the team of The Pokémon Company, which has decided to publish a communication in this regard. Inside, you hear the Coaches in the last few weeks have made use of the bug to enhance your performance inside the online game. Below, the statement of the software house:

“We are in a position to confirm that several players are disconnecting in order to manipulate their win/loss within the online battles and tournaments. From now on, if we will come to the conclusion that players are abusing of this bug for their own advantage in online battles and tournaments, we will not hesitate to impose temporary or permanent ban depends on the possibility for the player to have access to the portfolio of online game Pokémon the Sword, and Pokémon Shield”.

In short, The Pokémon Company seems willing to adopt a hard line: the Coaches have been warned! On the subject of competitive gaming, we remind you that you’ve recently deleted the Pokémon Championship Series because of the emergency Coronavirus. In the last Nitendo Direct are instead emerged details on the first expansion of the Pokémon with a Sword and Shield.