Starting today, Thursday, April 9, will be available the new free games of the week on the Epic Games Store. The download will be possible from 17:00 (Italian time) in the meantime, let’s discover together what kind of news are waiting for us.

Drawful 2, Gone Home, and the Hob will remain downloadable until today in the afternoon, from 17:00 players will be able to download free Sherlock Holmes Crimes & Punishment PC, available from 9 to 16 April. At the moment this is the only free game that was announced for this week in the afternoon but Epic Games should reveal also the second, in addition to the titles planned for the next week.

Recently Epic Games Store has also offered to Figment and Tormentor x Punisher, as well as Totally Reliable Delivery Service (normally on sale at 14.99 euros), these products are not, however, much more can be downloaded for free. The catalog of the online store of Epic has recently been updated with seven new games, including Samurai Shodown, Dread Nautical, Industries of Titan (available from 14 April), Sludge Life, Saturnalia, Among Trees and Diabotical.

We can only wait for the second half of the afternoon to be able to download Sherlock Holmes Crimes & Punishment for free and discover the second game as a gift for the Easter week.