The epidemic of coronavirus has forced many publishers to delay the release of their games, the latest example of this being The Last of Us 2. Besides, the situation around the title of Naughty Dog is so fuzzy that Sony Interactive Entertainment has not only removed the game from the PlayStation Store, but also refunded all those who had pre-ordered. Given that no one is able to say when the pandemic will be under control, it is logical to ask if the outputs programmed for the new school year will be carried forward.

On the subject of Cyberpunk 2077, CD Projekt could not be more clear : the goal is to draw the game on 17 September, as expected. “Motivation is intact and we have all of the tools that facilitate teleworking, has assured president Adam Kiciński at the publication of the latest financial results of the group. It has now been over three weeks that we do so, and the current results shows that we are able to continue our operations without any major dysfunction. Our plans have not changed, we headed straight to an output of Cyberpunk 2077 in September.”

This is a new one, which should reassure those who are waiting for the release of the game forward, Adam Kiciński, stating, in passing, that the financial strategy of CD Projekt applied in recent years – namely, to avoid debt and build a strong cash position – allows the company to see it coming in such a difficult context. So much the better.