The current health emergency linked to the epidemic of Coronavirus/COVID-19 forced between the walls of the house many people all over the world: as now known, this state of the facts has led to a strong growth in the gaming.

Striking example of this is, among others, the record numbers registered by the Steam in the course of the last few weeks, with a quantity of users connected at the same time continues to grow. Now, the analysts of Nielsen Games have tried to quantify the phenomenon, by subjecting a statistical survey of about 3,000 regular players, residents of France, Germany, Great Britain and the United States of America. The results of the latter have offered a snapshot definitely interesting.

Overall, the time spent videogiocando is grown in all the Countries, with the following percentage increases:

  • USA: 45%;
  • France:38%;
  • Great Britain: 29%;
  • Germany: 20%;

Rather predictably, is grown in addition, the time spent playing online in the company of friends: the trend has affected the players in the united states and british, respectively, 29% and 17%. Rather curious, instead, given to the French, who saw the growth of el 9% of the game multiplayer is practiced in local. Finally, the boom also for the purchase of video games in digital: a choice of the rest forced, in view of the closure in many Countries retailers retail.

Given the numbers, it is surely not the case that the different software houses are working together to raise public awareness on the norms of anti-Coronavirus through messages in-game.