The Season 3 Call of Duty Modern Warfare has brought a dowry of new content for COD Warzone, including the new Quads, it also seems that soon will come the mode of couple Duos.

Reveal is a teaser appeared on the official website of the game, the picture clearly shows two fragments taken from the manner of Quads and Duos, the first as mentioned is actually available while the second is not yet present…. will come in the next few weeks? Activision on the other hand, has commented on the leak, here are the new drivers of Season 3.

COD Warzone Season 3

  • Quads available in Battle mode Royale and Swag, allowing friends to form a team of four to test their team work in a battle for survival
  • By the end of the season is coming and the other playlist for a Battle Royale, and Swag that restrict the choice of weapons specifications and offer mode to the dynamic sights and shotguns
  • In the course of the season you’ll be introduced to new weapons and new projects in the coffers filling and loot to the ground, along with a full calendar of events XP, free content, parties and more for all players

The Battle Pass 3 of the COD Warzone has also introduced other interesting content including the dog of the Ghosts appeared in Call of Duty Ghosts, in addition to the gun Renetti and the sniper rifle (SKS), skins for weapons and vehicles.