The design of the PlayStation 5 has been revealed by the new controller DualSense? In reality it is only a theory widespread on ResetERA and that is dividing in two the famous community, including those who actually agree with the thesis and those who do not see any link between the console and joypad.

The author part of the Touchpad of the DualShock 4, which viewed from above takes the form of the PS4 and the PS4 PRO, since it is made of a rectangle with strip blue LED in the front. If Sony were to comply with this rule, the Touchpad of the DualSense may represent in some way the final design of the PlayStation 5, by adopting a curved design embellished with a light blue along the edges.

This thesis for the curious , is not based on any real confirmation but only on the imagination of the author, on ResetERA many consider rather unlikely a design of this type, it is true that Sony has shown his intention to break with the past by presenting a controller from the design that are not in line with the tradition of PlayStation, and even changing the name the same, going from the DualShock to DualSense.

Many think that the PS5 will have a two tone look with black and white inspired the DualSenseassumptions are certainly possible, but we repeat, not confirmed in any way.