This is not a secret to anyone, and even less since the last opus to date : the world of God of War revolves around different mythologies, from Ancient Greece to the North, passing by the asian or south american. For the moment, only the first two have been explored by Santa Monica Studios, which, however, was reluctant to seriously take Kratos in Ancient Egypt : today, Cory Barlog, director of God of War II and God of War 2018, just to make a amazing statement on Twitter, replying to a curious visitor.

Is it that christianity is another part of God of War ?

– It is part of the universe, yes.

It is, therefore, clear and precise : the God of War-verse does not overlaps not only the theologies of ancient but also of the religions of today – in any case, at least, christianity. And when one looks at the question, it makes rather sense.

Difficult to assess the investment timeline of God of War compared to our current world, if the latter really exists in the saga : however, the answer lies at the end of the first episode, released in 2005. When Kratos sits on the throne of the God of War after having defeated Ares, he is then made mention of the various wars in human history : the revolutions of the last centuries, the World Wars and, especially, the middle ages… which were, of course, conflicts that are purely religious.

In other words, christianity is alive and well in God of War, yes, but it is probably not Kratos as are down probably well, well after its passage. At least that Barlog we reserve a surprise story in size, which is not to be excluded.