New contents are now ready to make its debut inside of the productions Activision part of Call of Duty franchise. After the content introduced in the Season 3 COD: Modern Warfare, also COD: Warzone prepares to upgrade.

Just like the “big brother”, the vertices of the software house decided to make available many details on the changes introduced in the battle royale. The free-to-play, in particular, is ready to see the protagonists on their maps of the teams players even more spacious, thanks to the introduction of a game mode completely new. Called “Drop into the Quad“, the latter is available in the battle royale and Plunder. With this change, now users can cooperate with three other friends, for a total of four members for each group.

Further modifications will be instead of operating in the course of the next few weeks. In particular, the development team invites you to expect more changes, with mode and playlist that will cause variations connected with reductions of the loot to the individual types of weapons or other surprises. On the field of battle, it also broadens the arsenal of weapons recovered, including, for example, silenced versions are not the same weapon.

In the course of the day yesterday, was also released a trailer for Season 3 of the COD Warzone and COD Modern Warfare.