We never tire of saying it: the design of the Xbox Series X is perfect to give life to an endless series of limited editions inspired by the most beautiful series gaming and the stuff of dreams is once again the artist POPE.

This skilful artist, who usually publish their creations on his official Twitter account, has developed a 3D model of a beautiful Xbox Series X dedicated to Diablo IV, title announced by Blizzard at the last BlizzCon. As you can see in the image included in the tweet at the bottom of the news, the main facade of the console shows Lilith, the new villain of the game, where the enormous wings of a demon you extend to meet the sides of the machine from the game Microsoft. To accompany the Xbox Series X we find also the new version of the controller in with the console, since in the central part, but we also find here Lilith, and both the dorsal and the back of the analog sticks are golden in color.

The first to greet you leave you for another beautiful work of the artist, who some time ago was involved in creating the Xbox Series the X theme Perfect Dark, which is also much appreciated by the fans of both the series video game that the console of the colossus of Redmond.