From the columns de The Messenger in its issue dedicated to the Abruzzo area are some of the statements of Mirko Drudi, a central defender of Pescara, now in isolation due to Coronavirus as all the other players of the own club, and not only that: “I Am at home with my son, my partner and the dog. The days are these, I always do the same things. Difficult to finish this championship, I’m not very optimistic. The situation is really bad. I find it hard to talk about a recovery in the short term, at this time. For me it is not, we will. We hope everyone that what evolves in a positive way and fast, then, yes, we’ll talk about it. But I think that it will start again in September. Of course, we are employees and we do what we say they do. You will play until August? We are going to play, but it would be a novelty for everyone, and we also see how we would react to this news”.