For a Swede that goes there is a Milan that remains – highlights La Gazzetta dello Sport – and the bone structure is rather robust: relies on a central who is head of the defense team captain, Romagnoli, a full-back that has a left-striker, Hernandez, and a director finally at the height of the tradition as Bennacer. By the magnificent three, and by the talent of Rafael Leao, the property will resume in the next season, in anticipation of the future of the Fair and to find the successor of Zlatan, that “9” in search of what Milan has wandered from season to season without results.

Here is Owned by – There in front of them, in fact, the only Leao may not be enough. The departure of Ibra would leave, in fact, a void hard to fill, that’s why the antennas when you are tuned to the frequencies of Arek Owned. Polish, 26 years old in February, is a profile which pass over the bar of the under 25 set by Elliott, but also ensures the necessary maturity. His contract is expiring in 2021 and the renewal is in the high seas because Owned wants a change of air: Napoli will have to sell it in the summer to avoid losing him for zero next year.

The figures – The premises on which treat, however, are clear: De Laurentiis wants to monetize by 40 million, a transaction with the exchanges would be up and running, there is also Atletico Madrid.