Square Enix has announced that it has distributed Final Fantasy VII in Australia, Europe and North America in advance to make sure that the game reaches the shelves in time for Day One, however some retailers have already started selling the game.

In particular, the chain EB Games in Australia has already announced on their social channels to have available copies of the game ready for sale, although the output is still set for 10 April. In the past hours in addition, the preload of Final Fantasy VII started on the PS4 a few days earlier than expected, the move of the retailers could be born accordingly to counter the “competition” of the digital.

Square Enix has confirmed the release date of Final Fantasy VII Remake is still scheduled for April 10 in the whole world, but during this delicate period many of the screens are inevitably going to jump. In the next few hours, therefore, the network may be flooded with spoilers about the game with detailed descriptions of the sequences, the video of the ending and other details, so pay attention if you don’t want to ruin the experience of FF7.