On the portal The Hollywood Reporter published an article on some legal issues of Hollywood and its representatives, which will cause them to have a quarantine due to the coronavirus.
According to lawyers of different actors and Directors, many customers call them with a question about payment under the terms of a pandemic, and one answer to this question is no.
For example, TV studios typically pay for the finished episodes. Therefore, in a situation when the production of the show stuck indefinitely, the question regarding the payment pending remains open seasons.
Some still prefer to financially support their team, as NBC with their Comedy transfer of Saturday Night Live. Despite the fact that the next three issues abolished, authors will still get paid.
Netflix and NBCUniversal, whose projects were also “frozen” at least for a couple of weeks, keep their main team at the minimum rate. However, if the restrictions because of the coronavirus will be delayed, according to sources, the Studio will no longer pay employees.
In addition, Hollywood studios can use restrictions due to quarantine in their favor. Usually in the case of force majeure, the compensation of officers is held. But if the period is prolonged for eight weeks, the Studio may terminate the contract, if you do not see any benefit.
Such antics have occurred during the strike of 2007-2008, when the Studio used legal loopholes to break inconvenient contracts. And recently again began to hear rumors that this may happen again — especially in the incredibly expensive transactions which, for example, affect the most popular actors.
On the other hand, the quarantine can have a positive impact on the writers, who were also going to strike because of difficult working conditions. Because of the shift of terms of delivery of texts and the delay of projects, they stand in a better position than it was before.
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