Rivalries are developing between Dana White and some boxing promoters after both sides mooted the possibility of them passing to the dark side to promote the other’s sport. Of course, there have already been crossover fights, with Conor McGregor’s scrap against Floyd Mayweather topping them all. However, after McGregor managed to defy the odds, to take the best boxer of all time ten full rounds, many UFC fans have long hankered for a big name from the boxing world to take the gamble and fight in the UFC. Here are some of the world ranked boxers who could feasibly hold their own in the octagon.

Dillian Whyte

Although they tend to stay quiet about it, many boxers get their start in combat sports in other fighting codes and such is the case with Dillian Whyte, who was an elite level kickboxer and decent cage fighter before he turned his sizable fists to pugilism. The man from London,  England, by way of Jamaica was ranked the number one British heavyweight in K1 for a full five years and even became European champion along the way. He then turned his attention to cage fighting, where in his only appearance he knocked out his opponent inside twelve seconds with a sickening left hook, the same shot that has become his trademark in the squared circle. It’s unclear how he would get on against the likes of Stipe Miocic or Daniel Cormier who would no doubt start as big odds-on favorites were they to square off with him, but we would certainly like to find out.

Many boxers probably couldn’t get their foot above waist height, but Whyte sure can

Shannon Briggs

Known as The Cannon, Shannon Briggs would still be a major problem for the majority of today’s heavyweight boxing contenders, possessing concussive power and a physique that belies his age. In 2004 he tried his hand, or should we say fist, at K1 and knocked out an over-matched opponent much to the delight of a Japanese crowd. These days he’s more known for bellowing “Let’s go Champ,” at the press conferences of major boxing promotions, but a major payday would certainly still see this former heavyweight champion step into the world of UFC.

Which boxers will be at home when the grappling begins?

Clarissa Shields

One of the loudest mouths in boxing, what sets Shields apart is that so far she’s always backed it up, dominating her weight class to such a degree that she may well have to look for the UFC to find a competitive fight. Although she has no prior background in mixed martial arts, she does have an all action style that could potentially crossover. Her promoter has been making noises about her facing Amanda Nunes and there have even been suggestions she may go into training camp with UFC legend Jon Jones. If big boxing unification fights don’t come to fruition for the Flint native, expect her to be on a UFC card sooner rather than later. Who knows, she could become the next Ronda Rousey or Holly Holm.

Alexander Povetkin

This Russian heavyweight, in much the same manner as Whyte, first sharpened his fighting tools in K1 before transitioning to boxing. He won a junior world championship, an adult world championship two years later and then a European championship to boot. His lust for winning continued in the amateur boxing ranks where he was crowned Olympic champion in Athens in 2004. Perhaps beyond his peak and certainly not lacking in money in the bank, it’s less likely that Povetkin would be willing to endure a harrowing fifteen minutes in the octagon.

Chris Algieri

Former WBO junior welterweight world champion may look like a car salesman who also happens to hit the gym, but any UFC fighter would be unwise to underestimate this once undefeated kickboxing champion turned boxer. Algieri’s spindly build and quick reflexes make him a tricky man to take to the canvas and with UFC gloves he would hold KO potential in both hand and foot.