On Tuesday 31 march, Edouard Philippe or Olivier Véran have paid tribute to the victims of the covid-19 to the national Assembly. A minute of silence was observed in a chamber nearly empty.

It is the strong image of Tuesday 31 march. In the national Assembly, a minute of silence was observed in tribute to the victims of the epidemic, coronaviruses and support to the nursing staff. In a chamber nearly empty, Edouard Philippe or Olivier Véran attended the speech poignant of Richard Ferrand, the president of the national Assembly. “The country is not at the stop. France fight and she’ll overcome this ordeal. It is for this reason that we have been a part, certainly, in any format, very limited, but we have been a part of to ensure our constitutional mission and to live our democratic life “, he said and added : “This war has cast a shadow on many families. We share their sorrow, we share the suffering of all those who are affected by the disease or care for a loved one “.

A moving moment

The president of the National Assembly has also praised the memory of Patrick Devedjian. The former minister and president of the departmental council of Hauts-de-Seine died at age 75 of complications of the coronavirus, in the night of Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 march. “The pandemic has also cast a shadow on our Republic by taking away the life of our former colleague Patrick Devedjian. For more than 30 years, either as an mp or minister, he served in this chamber. I don’t need to remember which speaker it was, all fired up, inspiring respect in his opponents, themselves by the extent of its culture, independence of mind and his brilliance. Has his family, his friends, and his colleagues, I address the sympathy moved of the national representation, ” said Richard Ferrand, before observing a minute of silence with the prime minister and the minister of Health. A very strong moment where each member has met the required safety distances, a very small committee.