Lazio wants to start again because this year is in the running for the Scudetto. Brescia wants to stop, because, in this way, would save a league that sees the last in the standings. The Benevento wants to start again because the first stop was at a step from the promotion, as well as the Monza. The Torino would prefer to stop, because this season it is what it is and why not start to plan the next, saving up to four months of salaries? The two genoese, grappling with the seasons disastrous, and want to stop: it is better to avoid nasty surprises. While the city of Naples, which was in sharp ascent, he would like to return to play and climb in the rankings after months of torments, and to play up in the bottom of the cups.
To stop or start? More than a doubt hamlet-like dilemma between, is a question which in these days each person responds in their own way by watching his own backyard. For someone, there is no better way to stop the football to honor the memory of one who is no longer there. For someone else, exactly the opposite. Each combines the incident to his or her liking, each according to one’s own advantage. No one, at least for the moment, he manages to give a perspective. In many, even in this moment, can do system.