Pierre Bénichou is dead at the age of 82 years. A few days before his disappearance, he had given his new on-air Big-Heads. The journalist had even joked about his death.

The Big Headsare reeling. On Tuesday 31 march, RTL announced the death of Pierre Bénichou. 82, is the famous member of the show died in his sleepat his home. A tear for all his comrades of the radio, which have paid it a glowing tribute. If the last few days, the journalist was confined to his home, his cronies, themselves, had continued the program, but without an audience. While these fans are mourning his death, Puremédias has found its last intervention in Large Heads, on the 16th of march last. It is over the phone that Pierre Bénichou was amused Laurent Ruquier and his band… in ironisant on his death.

The irony of fate

In great shape, Pierre Bénichou was given its new then that after a small problems on his or her telephone line, the writers thought, ” death in live “. “It’s going to ! It’s going to ! It is not necessary to make ! You young people, you’ve made me so le me, saying that I was old, now, he must respect me ! As it is necessary to respect someone who is living his last days as a band of idiots ! “had launched the journalist, who had assured him, with a lot of humor, not to be touched by the coronavirus.

“I don’t have any fear because I am highly respected in my district, he explained. A type that is respected in its neighborhood has much less chance of being sick ! They come to the hospital to tell me : ”Mr. Stone, we have beds for you”. Keep them for the young ! This is what I answer ! This is normal, this is not the old who are going to bother, since the time that they are there ! “Pierre Bénichou had left the antenna with the bye that will be finally saying farewell. “I would kiss you. Think of me ! But do not say : ”there It is, it must be him“, each time it is announced that old one is dead ! There is more old if only in my neighborhood. “A sequence of troubling and moving for the faithful of the Big Heads.