One word: “Examples”. And a photo: Piero Chiambretti, just healed from the coronavirus, immortalized together with the doctors of the hospital Mauriziano of Turin. And’ the tribute which the tenant has wanted to do on his profile on Instagram to doctors and nurses who, in these weeks, you have taken care of his health. In the shot, framed by a corridor of the hospital, Chiambretti is finally on his feet again at the end of his battle against the virus, and is surrounded by the staff. Everyone is wearing protective equipment, while Piero, in addition to the mask, wears a t-shirt that bears the name of his beloved transmission #CR4 – La Repubblica delle Donne, the show that was interrupted, as a result of a reorganisation of the schedules due to the health emergency.

Chiambretti healed by the coronavirus

The news of the healing of the Chiambretti arrived yesterday, after two weeks of fighting the virus, through a press note is distributed by Mediaset. Also in that occasion, the presenter of turin wanted to spend words of praise for the medical staff that has supported in the most difficult days. “Thank you with all my heart, the medical personnel of the Emergency room of the hospital Mauriziano of Turin, who assisted me and cared for with dedication, passion and great humanity in these long days of illness and discomfort psychological – is the law – you Are healed, I have two swabs negative. A message of hope that I want to share and pass on to all”. Now I wait a period of convalescence. He has been, instead, the mother’s Happiness, disappeared for 83 years after contracting the virus and hospitalized along with his son in the hospital in piedmont.

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