It is now nearly a year that we have not had a new Lords of the Fallen 2 : after having announced the withdrawal of Defiant Studio in the development, to address oneself to the design, These Games became particularly discreet but makes a sign of the hand, today, with new information on the game.

And this is Marek TymiƄski, head of the firm’s Polish, who is left to go to a few statements in an official press release : the game would therefore have been modernised internally, and several parties have been entrusted to external partners, who have just started their work. In order to avoid the error of sore reported in may last, the ABOVE Games would keep the reins of development and, moreover, realized a purpose : the PS4 and the Xbox One being in the end of the race, Lords of the Fallen 2 will focus primarily on the PS5 and the Xbox Series X, without forgetting the unconditional PC.

The implementation of the action-RPG ahead so quietly even if with fifty people on the project, the FOLLOWING Games still need to recruit to tower of arm to fine-tune these ideas. In passing, note that the studio is busy, because after the success of Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts, a second installment has just been formalized.

Gameplay of Lords of the Fallen 1, which was released in 2014